Door and airlock control

Airlock and door control

Door Control

Clean rooms are closed systems with defined requirements regarding environmental conditions. To prevent contamination, airlocks connect critical areas and noncritical areas or critical areas of different clean room classes. It has to be ensured that airlocks can only be opened in one direction, in  some cases it must be possible to rinse them after use.


Door control features

» All doors and airlocks within the system are monitored

» Electronic locks and door demand buttons prevent the simultaneous opening of airlock doors

   (interlock system)

» Integrated presence detectors allow all staff to see if an airlock is occupied

» Visualization of the current status via green/red led lights or acoustic Signals

   from the integrated signal and control units

» Integrated emergency shutdown feature

» Consideration of pressure level and rinsing times

» Visualization of the remaining time during rinsing process

» Connection of escape doors to the monitoring system

» Connection to your fire alarm control panel possible

» EltVtR compliant execution and documentation optionally available


Security of investment from the beginning:

» Modular extension possible

» Components compliant with established industry standards

» Open, system-independent components

» High-quality measurement technology “Made in Germany”  

» Maintenance and service  provided by Briem technicians

Efficient monitoring saves ready cash.
With the Briem monitoring system you can create profiles for night operation and save expensive energy without making compromises when it comes to air quality. You can always keep an eye on the air quality and adjust the air exchange rates as needed.