Monitoring Software

Monitoring Software

The monitoring software is the heart of the system.

With the software you monitor and control the processes and always have an eye on the entire facility layout and the current operational status.


Facility layout

All measurement points are shown on the monitor as colored icons. The  signal colors show the current status of the measurement point: Green means everything is alright, yellow warns you about a limit value violation and red means there is an active alarm.

The saved measurement values can be displayed as table or chart. The system also shows the limit values for each measurement point, making it easy to analyze limit value violations quickly and see the relevant measurements as well as the duration of the violation.


Alarm log / Audit trail

All alarms are recorded and displayed clearly in the alarm log. The audit trail displays an overview of all accesses and shows alterations in the system (e.g. changed limit values) with time stamp, user name, commentary and value before and after the change. Filters allow you to stay on top of things no matter how many ongoing processes there are.



Make use of the many possibilities to evaluate the measurement values and create statistics. You can combine rooms and parameters freely. Special evaluation tools facilitate the task. This allows you to detect changes early on and react proactively.



Manage your measurement points efficiently. You can assign each measurement point to a specific user who manages this measurement point. You can easily manage and adjust the respective device status, alarm delay times and alarms – separately for each measurement point.


Report generator

Create all reports in the blink of an eye. Individual report modules allow you to combine measurement values, charts, audit trail data and your own text boxes like batch numbers or

 comments quickly and intuitively to a complete report. 


Settings – User management

Due to the elaborate rights  management it is possible to create user groups for users with similar rights or assign rights individually.  This way each user gets the  information they need.


Personalized profiles

Each user gets an individual profile. Rights can be assigned individually, measurement points can be assigned or made visible.


Data export – Open interfaces

Reports, measurement values etc. can be exported in all major files formats like MS Excel or PDF, transferred to other systems and processed further there. Due to data storage in a SQL data base you stay independent and always have access to your data.


Profile switch

Creating separate profiles for individual rooms / areas / the entire  facility allows for flexible reactions to alternating requirements.


Configurable software

The software in entirely configurable. No matter if you need to include new devices or change the layout, these adjustments can be done easily and without any programming effort.


Intuitive control

Thanks to the intuitive structure the users manage the system quickly and easily. That means short training  periods and saves time-consuming training events. In case any questions should arise the illustrated user  manual is directly integrated in the system.


Touch screen technology

Display and control in one. Due to touch optimization the system can be used with touch displays and tablets without making compromises about the operation and functionality.



All data is stored in a data base which is saved automatically and integrated into your backup concept. It is also possible to archive reports, charts, audit trails etc. as PDF/A files so you have long-term proof of all relevant parameters.

Expect more!

we offer …

» optimum life-cycle cost-benefit analysis due to

- high system availability

- expandability

- availability of spare parts

- our own maintenance and calibration staff

» calculable costs due to comprehensive packages

» a modular system

- expansion is possible any time

» an open system structure

- interfaces for other systems are supported

» our own software and a premium data base

» holistic support by our own staff during requirements analysis, planning and realization