The monitoring system at a glance

The monitoring system at a glance

The monitoring system consists of modularly combinable components:

» Airlock / door monitoring

» On-site visualization in the clean room (digital displays, touch panels, alarm lights)

» Alarm forwarding (phone, email, text message)

» Evaluation and data archiving

»Easy to use software


Designed  for clean rooms

» Surfaces resistant against detergents and fumigation

» Flush integration into the clean room wall

» calibratable and adjustable in built-in conditions

» Precision measurement

Security of investment from the beginning:

» Modular extension possible

» Components compliant with established industry standards

» Open, system-independent components

» High-quality measurement technology “Made in Germany”  

» Maintenance and service provided by Briem technicians

Efficient monitoring saves ready cash.
With the Briem monitoring system you can create profiles for night operation and save expensive energy without making compromises when it comes to air quality. You can always keep an eye on the air quality and adjust the air exchange rates as needed.