Particle measurement for cleanrooms and laboratories

Each particle counts. Particle monitoring

Particle monitoring is one of the most important parts of GMP monitoring and is used to monitor the air purity.

For this purpose the particles contained in the air in a predefined measuring volume are counted and sorted according to size. In areas classified according to GMP particle sizes of 0.5 μm and 5.0 μm are normally relevant, in ISO classified areas particle sizes of 0.1 μm, 0.3 μm and 1.0 μm are of concern.




The basic components are:

» Isokinetic probe

» Particle counter

» Vacuum pump or central vacuum

Particle counter at biological safety cabinet
Particle counter at biological safety cabinet

Focus on particles.

The gathered measuring values are transferred to the monitoring system where they are monitored and documented. You may use Briem particle counters and online-monitoring for 

» Production areas

» Biological safety cabinets

» Isolators

» LAF areas


Key facts overview

» Measuring ranges up from 0.1 μm

» Choice of internal or external vacuum pump / central vacuum

» Optimal data communication to the measurement recording via bus  system

» Measuring volume according to ISO 14644-1



Proof of airborne particles in class A and B areas is mandatory. The sensible and clean room  compliant integration of the measurement technology is prerequisite for precise, repeatable and conclusive measurement.


Integration into the process 

» Filling station

» Biological safety cabinets (BSC)

» Isolator

Your choice - we can connect particle counters from different manufacturers:
We can integrate different makes and models of particle counters into our system allowing the continued use of existing counters.

mobile particle counter
mobile particle counter

Particle measuring can be integrated directly into existing devices and facilities. The placement of the isokinetic probe is done in coordination with the manufacturer. In addition, information about the operational status and error messages can be forwarded. So you always have an overview over all parameters in the monitoring system. 


Connect mobile solutions

It is possible to connect mobile particle counters to the system via stationary network sockets. That way you can combine the flexibility of the mobile device with the convenience and functionality of the entire system.