Wireless monitoring

Wireless sensors for temperature/humidity & co.

Radio-based sensors for temperature, humidity and more allow for wireless monitoring in pleaces where cables are in the way. Radio-based sensors are therefore an ideal addition to the holistics monitoring system.



We offer wireless sensors for different applications

  • Retrofitting of existing facilities
  • Connection of remote rooms and storerooms
  • Monitoring of high-rise racks
  • Monitoring of refrigerators and freezers in hospitals and universities
  • Monitoring of storage cooling units and freezers
  • Temperature mapping

Advantages of radio-based monitoring:

  • less effort when it comes to laying cables
  • flexible, expandable system
  • transportable sensors can be moved to different locations

Which measurement parameters can be monitored?

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Analog signals (of external sensors)
  • Operational Status

How does the System work?

Cooling devices and freezers are connected via wireless sensors and are fully integrated in the monitoring system. The existing network (local IT) can be used for the communication between the receiver (gateway) and the monitoring system. The sensor sends the measuring values to the gateway which is connected to the Ethernet. This way the data is sent to the PLC control without delay and completely tamper-proof.


Experience BRIEM live – get an idea of what we are talking about

When you have to make a decision about a monitoring system, reading technical information is one thing, getting a personal impression is something completely different.

This is why we offer live presentations of our holistic monitoring system.

There are several options of getting to know our system


The Briem micro clean room comes to you

We visit you at your location, bringing a miniaturized version of  a fully equipped GMP class B clean room with measuring instruments and monitoring software for a live presentation. This option is ideal for project groups or teams.


Software presentation on-site

During a live presentation at your location you can see all the program features and experience firsthand how easy to use it is with a tablet or notebook. 


Online software presentation

Even quicker and easier than an appointment on-site is our software presentation on the internet. You can see the Briem software on your monitor and test the operation of the system. We show you all the features and answer your questions on the phone.

Interested? Make an appointment now:

+49 7022 6092-0 or info@briem.de