Visualization solutions for environmental parameters

Visualization solutions

The holistic monitoring system from Briem continuously provides all relevant environmental, device and process data - where and how it is important for your processes.


Integrated displays

Bright, clear and easy to read – our measuring instruments with led displays or graphic displays offer maximum transparency on-site. The measured values are displayed where they are needed. Limit value violations are visible immediately –  e.g. before an airlock.

Alarm lights / acoustic alarms

The easiest way of bringing a warning or an alarm to anyone’s attention is installing flashing lights or an unmistakable acoustic alarm in the production area.

Information central

In production areas where  several parameters are relevant, displays showing the collective measurements are central points of information for the staff, where they can get all the data they need.


Touch PCs

On the touch PCs all relevant room and device parameters are available and you can access all measurements, charts, reports, audit trails etc. any time. The configurable room layouts change on demand, e.g. entrance area, production area –  while the software is fully available.



All BRIEM displays at a glance

» Resistant against acid and fumigation

» Flush mounted – Either directly  integrated into clean room wall

 panels or into stainless steel front plates based on hygienic design 

» Easily readable for the staff in the room